Review: Take It Off

Take It Off
Take It Off by L.A. Witt

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Take it off! Take it off! *wild whistling* In this second installment, the tables are turned with Tristan looking longingly after Jared. Jared is now highly in demand after his little menage kinky tryst for Mr. Rolodex. Tristan seems to want Jared more than just on the job sex. Exactly how do escorts enjoy their day off? No sex?

The readers learn more about this Market Garden and how the escorts find a job there. Who knew rentboys are recruited from strip clubs? Jared must have made lots of money as a stripper. One wonders why he gave it up for hooking it because strippers can make a lot of money too. Or at least, that's what I found out when I researched it.

The erotic sensual heat in this story is turned up as Jared does a lap dance for both Mr. Rolodex and Tristan. It's a scene not to be missed. It makes this short little tale deliciously hot. It also hints of perhaps a bit more kinky scenes in the next book. One can only hope! Ms. Witt and Mr. Voinov create another silky smooth story designed to arouse and tease. Recommended for voyeuristic m/m readers.

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