Review: Under His Roof

Under His Roof
Under His Roof by Sadey Quinn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There are disciplinarians for hire who aren't exactly professional Doms? Where do I find this man or woman? Ms. Quinn is a new author to me and I love her brand of domestic discipline and spanking. Rachel is a modern day woman. She's in her late twenties, single with a taxing job. Her career is going well but her personal is a mess. Is it the power of the job going to her head? Why is she losing her friends and being told she's a downright bitch?

I can completely understand and have walked in Rachel's shoes. It would have been nice if in my late twenties, I could have had the services of someone like David to right me back to the path of consideration and kindness. Rachel is fortunate with someone who can provide maintenance spankings.

Ms. Quinn creates a lovely scenario which is very plausible and desirable for those into domestic discipline. Her characters are easily relate-able. Rachel needs the release of a good spanking. David is a dominant who enjoys providing spankings and discipline to the one he loves. He can also separate personal from work and be a professional spanker. Totally hot! If David would fit in four women a day, he'd be making money hand over fist!

Ms. Quinn's writing voice is easy to follow and humourous at times. She forte is showing connections and the emotions from her characters. This makes it a more enjoyable book for readers to really sink their teeth into it. This book is recommended for those who enjoy a good spanking - erotic or otherwise.

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