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Wanting Wilder
Wanting Wilder by Michele Zurlo

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Oasis is a small family-owned company where people's jobs are to bring sexual fantasies to life. They even hire project managers to run the teams working on the details of the client's fantasy. Where do I send my resume? I'm a project manager who is also a switch in every sense of the word. To actually have a Dom or Domme boss and take me to task when I've been "bad" is a naughty dirty fantasy of mine.

In this story, Lydia from Michigan interviews for a position at the Vermont-based Oasis. Oasis is not only my dream company, it is her dream company. What she isn't prepared for is coming face to face with the one Dom she could never forget—Wilder.

Lydia and Wilder met on a spring break where they enjoyed a kinky whirlwind romance. Thinking they met their soul mate, they parted unexpectedly through unexplained circumstances. The reason behind the misunderstanding can be easily guessed by the reader at the beginning of the story. When the facts are revealed, it's not surprising but it is disappointing how easy it is to derail two people's life. What's more frustrating is a friend who really is no friend at all.

The story doesn't actually focus on the original breakup. Instead, it focuses on Wilder forcing Lydia to expose, experience and enjoy her BDSM fantasy. This erotic journey is well done by the talented Ms. Zurlo. It's a hot sexy time as Wilder shows Lydia exactly who is dominant and who is submissive. Lydia also shows she's no push over and this time around, she's more experienced and knowledgeable about the lifestyle.

Wilder is my kind of Dom. He's creative and very good with a flogger. His experience is a point in his favour. His memory of how Lydia melts under his domination is another added point for him. There is no way Lydia can resist this sexy Dom who loves her desperately and will do anything to win her.

Ms. Zurlo does an excellent job to show how impact play can be turned into sensual BDSM scenes. She also demonstrations a D/s relationship in a healthy way which is much appreciated. While the company fulfilling sexual fantasies is a bit of a stretch, the rest of it is more realistic as far as BDSM relationships go. It's also pleasant to read about characters sans sexual abuse or mental illness in their past.

This book is not only erotic, but it's a feel good book. It also hints at secondary characters finding their sexy mates. I can't wait to read about Micah's story. This sensual erotic story is highly recommended to kinky readers who enjoy a happily ever after.

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