Rough Body Play (Part III)

Pressure points versus Trigger points 

     What is the difference between the two of these? Anyone want to answer?

      The answer is, the pressure point will cause sensation in the place directly touched. For a trigger point, it will radiate out and the sensation will occur in a place not where it's directly touched.

     For trigger points, as long as a Top learns about a dozen places on a body, it should work on many bottoms. Not all bottoms have the same responses to pressure points. Good places to press are where two major muscles separate. A easy thing to remember when applying pressure for either one, if the Top's hands or fingers hurt when they press down, then it's not the right place.

Common places for pressure point
1. Under the nose - push straight in the dimple, into the bone.
2. Under the jaw
3. Feet at the base of the toe
4. Achilles tendon
5. Between the biceps and triceps

      Now why would someone use a trigger point? It's basically to mind fuck the bottom. It messes with them because they are expecting pain in the direct location yet when it shows up elsewhere, they are confused. To help out, I've attached a couple of links for pressure and trigger points. Basically if the person is an experienced masseuse…watch out!

Sexual Reflexology

Reflexology Charts

Tips in closing

      Mix up the different techniques. Don't just stick to one. Variety is kicks up the spiciness. Do different things to different sides of the body. The bottom's brain will have a hard time processing while the Top is using pressure points on the left side of the body while punching the right side of the body.

*Fine print - The BDSM Group and I will not be held responsible for any harm based on this educational post. Play at your own risk.*


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