Rough Body Play Techniques (Part II)


      There are many types of RBP. I'm only going to cover the ones I learned in class.

Hair Pulling

      This is a basic one which is pretty easy to understand. Even so, there are a couple of simple techniques to remember. If the hair is grabbed closer at the scalp, there is more control. For someone with long hair, if we were to grab it at the end of the hair, there is less control and easier to accidentally jerk the neck the wrong way.

      Another thing to think about when pulling the hair, if you pull backwards, there is a higher chance to damage the neck or hurt the neck. However, if you were to push the head forward, you will have more control and be able to easily force the bottom down onto her knees or flat onto the ground.

      Try this: grasp the back of the bottom's neck with your dominant hand. Then slide the hand up with the fingers fanning out up the scalp. Fist a handful of hair then push the head firming down and a bit forward. Does your bottom moan? Mine did.

      Punching is one that I didn't think I'd like. But after watching to see how it's done and having various ways tried on me, I do like it. We aren't talking about a front jab, right hook, uppercut or a full weight behind the fist punch. We are talking about a closed fist tap. It can go from a light tap to a much harder punch. Once again, this depends on many variables.

      Is the bottom warmed up? What is their threshold for pain? (Is it that time of month?) When punching, there are a couple of easy rules to follow. The following are areas to avoid.

1. If you feel the bone, don't punch that area. - I.E. column up the spine
2. Avoid from the sternum to belly.
3. Avoid the kidneys.
4. Back of the shoulder - possible dislocation.
5. Back of knees
6. Side of the body - avoid because too much can be damaged.

Good places to punch

1. Hit upper arm on radio nerve. It gives a quick misfire down the arm.
2. If any nerves you hit is tingling down the area, this is good. If the tingling is isolated like just a thumb or pinkie when hitting a major nerve, this is bad. Stop and ice immediately. Faster to apply ice, the faster swelling will go down.
3. Top of back
4. Buttocks

      When punching, change it up with the bottom free standing versus up against the surface. The sensation will feel different. When held up against a wall, the punches will hurt a bit more and penetrate deeper. This can be a good thing for those who enjoy it. When the bottom is free standing, the punches tend to vibrate throughout the body.


      Kneeing can be done too. Generally the bottom needs to be closer to the ground. All the areas mentioned for punching apply for kneeing too. However, there is less control with a knee versus a fist. This is why it's recommended to go for bigger areas with the knee. This way the Top can avoid accidentally missing and striking bone.


      Yes, kicking is also done. It's not the front snap, roundhouse, side, crescent or any fancy spinning side kicks. It is more of a tapping with the inside of the foot. I watched the demo bottom purring and moan in pleasure as the Top used the tip of his foot to lightly tap her pussy as she was on all fours, legs wide spread. He increased his kicking so it looked painful and sounded painful when the shoed foot connected. She on the other hand was very vocally enjoying it. The pleasure on her face was very apparent.

      Kicking also includes using the heel of the foot on the inner thigh and pressing down hard. Or even twisting the rubber sole of a boot on the naked thigh to cause heat friction. Play around and change it up.


      MMmmm good. If you ask nicely, I might bite you. Do we really need a lesson on this one? The point of biting is not to bite as hard as possible. There are different types of biting which involve pinchy bites or big gnawing ones. The trick to biting is finding the nice fleshy parts. (Biting juicy asses are great!) Vary the pressure. Leave nice little marks to say - "MINE!"

Rough Body Play III


Out of these I I think I prefer to do hair pulling and biting.
Those are very nice ones. I love receiving that kind of rough play.

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