Thank you to Sir Daryl who presented his passion for Knifeplay. For this educational post, I'm going to stick to using Top and bottom. I'm also going to use he for Top and she for bottom.

Knife play is a personal interaction between the Top and bottom with a purposeful intention. The intention may be to illicit fear, excitement, arousal and other feelings.


• From a legal perspective, the legality of a knives are different for every state and country. Within the US, Knife Expert appears to be a robust site.
• Even if you are knowledgeable about the laws, be aware where you are playing and who sees you.
• Discretion goes a long way.
• Ensure the sharp knife is clean and free of burrs. If the knife is used to cut or slice, it is best to sterilize the blade.
• Dull knives should be kept clean and free of burrs too.
• Always check to make sure there is no rust.

How to keep a knife clean

• Metal cleaners
• Military surplus stores provide various cleaning solutions
• Soap & water, then spray with alcohol

How does one dull a blade?

• Brio pad can be used.
• Do not use wood, it will ruin the blade.
• Cement can also be used. Use a 90 degree angle against the cement when sliding the blade back and forth.
• Another recommendation was to cut potatoes. (I have not verified this one.)

Transporting the knives

• Keep them in a sheath
• Knife roll
• Wrapped in towels

What kind of knife can I use?

    Basically as long as the knife is clean and burr free, it can be used. At the demo, I saw household butter knives to Japanese Samurai swords and K-bars. There were throwing knives, Chinese stars and scalpels. It really depends on the intent of the play. Are we going to cut or not? If cutting with a mix of blood play is intended, then the knife should be very sharp.

    For those starting out, plastic knives will work. Gurkha and Kershaw are also popular ones. There are also training knives which are made of rubber. Yet they look very realistic.

    Personally I have so many knives, I have a wide variety to choose from when I want to play. I own several sets of throwing knives, k-bar, machete and the list goes on.

Why Play?

• Knife play is an intimate interaction. It requires trust between the Top and bottom.
• From a tactile perspective, the contact of the blade can be sensual as well as the placement of the knife.
• From an auditory perspective, the sound of two knives rubbing or when they are smacked together can generate fear and excitement. This is especially true if the bottom is blindfolded.

Different kinds of ways to use the knife

    Most people think that knife play is just taking the knife and running it on the person's body. Or threatening them with it. Some involve blood play and make slices all over the bottom's body. Knifeplay is much more than these common ones.

Mixing with temperature

• Ice the knife blade in a freezer or ice water for a couple of hours. Then take it and run it all over the bottom's body.
• Heat the knife blade in a hot water no hotter than 104F degrees for thirty minutes and then run it all over the bottom's body.
• Blindfold the bottom, ice the knife and turn on a blow torch. Tell them they are going to be sliced with hot knife. This will mess with their mind and they will think based on the sound of the blow torch and the iced knife on the skin that they are being burned and cut.

Popular usage

• Lubricate the blade and run it over the bottom's body.
• Use it as a threat around the neck in a rape fantasy, especially if blindfolded.
• Use the flat of the knife or sword to spank.
• Use the handle as a dildo up the ass or pussy.

Using a sword

    A sword tends to generate more excitement for those aroused by knives. For those who fear knives , a sword may increase the fear which can also illicit an aroused response. When a sword is placed into the bottom's mouth, their heart rate goes up. Another way is to do a fast draw out of the sheath and place either the blade or the point immediate only the bottom's body.

    Sword tips can be used to push into the nipple or use the edge against the pussy. Some will use it to rub or coax the clit. For male bottoms, use the tip against the penis or run it across the ball sac. Another way to excite the bottom is to pull the hair and head back and place the sword against the neck. Sometimes fast movement around the face will increase the fear and arousal. Just as pointing the blade right at the eyeball.

Sadistic without cutting

1. Slap the face with the flat of the blade.
2. Strike the body with the flat of the blade.
3. Hit the nerve bundles with the handle. Added bonus is it fucks with their mind.
4. Mix hot wax with the blade. Drip the hot wax off the blade.
5. Cut hair with it.

Sensitive spots

1. Feet
2. Nipples
3. Genitals
4. Webbing between the feet and fingers

Things to remember

    Some of these are dangerous when the knife or sword slips and goes into the eyeball or slices the face. It is best for the Top to be very comfortable with a knife or sword to be used on body parts that can be permanently damaged. When I watched the demo, the Top did use the sword point less than an inch from her eye. I sat in the front row with a horrified look on my face. The sub on the other hand panted and whimpered in excitement. She also went panty-less. The vinyl covered seat definitely showed evidence of her liquid arousal once she stood up and returned to her seat.

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Let the questions begin!


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