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I've been remiss.  It has come to my attention that the recommendations I post every month in the BDSM group is not seen by all.  (What, you aren't in the BDSM group???)  I'm going to try to remember to cross post going forward.  Here are my recommendations year to date, including April.

January 2013
Is it already a new year? How did this happen? The past month of reads have been surprisingly good for me. I've rated more 4 stars in this past month than I can remember.

5 Star Contemporary Book
Safeword Quinacridone
Safeword Quinacridone by Candace Blevins is the only 5 star book from me in the past month. This book is amazing for me because I LOVE objectification as a fantasy fetish. Totally hot. My Review

Non Con Interrogation
Hunted Hunted by Zeke Connor is an old book. It was written in 2008. I don't know WHY I waited so long to read this one. The interrogation was a bit brutal at times in the beatings. The restrained sexual violation is delicious! My Review

Sexual Fantasies Collection for Women
Lips Like Sugar  Women's Erotic Fantasies Lips Like Sugar: Women's Erotic Fantasies by Violet Blue is a lovely collection of sexual fantasies for women into kink. I enjoyed most of them, not all, but most. I'm a fan of Violet Blue from when she first started blogging. I also generally enjoy books she edits. My Review

Wanting Wilder (Safe Word  Oasis #4)Wanting Wilder by Michele Zurlo is an awesome book. Now, you might wonder why I categorized it as GlitterKink. The BDSM does exist in this book. It's because there is this absolutely awesome exclusive company which has a money written all over it. This is a well written book and probably my favourite from Ms. Zurlo.

M/m dark
Cutting Cords (Cutting Cords, #1) Cutting Cords by Mickie B. Ashling was really good for me. I loved it. It deals with a person who also happens to be a cutter. My Review

The Flesh Cartel #3  Choices The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices by Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau is delightful! Season two started out without any foreplay. In fact, they didn't even use lube on us. It was dry! Oh the delicious pain. My Review

M/m suspense
Rentboy Rentboy by Fyn Alexander is one I really enjoyed. It's no secret I'm a Fyn Alexander fan. This latest one worked for me.

The Auction The Auction by Claire Thompson worked well for me. Yes, I labeled it Glitterink too because there was another private exclusive club for the wealthy, HOWEVER, the BDSM was not light here. My Review

February 2013


The TrapThe Trap by Indigo Wren had be lauded to me by many friends. It had been on my TBR list for a very long time. I finally read it and I have to say, it was awesome for me. The emotions it invoked was fabulous. my review

Not His Kiss to TakeNot His Kiss to Take by Finn Marlowe is beyond sweet. For those who enjoy gay for you, this is one for you. my review

Kinky Anthology
Milk & Cookies & HandcuffsMilk & Cookies & Handcuffs is definitely a delicious treat. If you want a little snack from several great authors, this is the book to read.

Maledom abduction
Big SkyBig Sky by Kitty Thomas is definitely unexpected for me. This one involves lactation which is very hot. If you enjoy something a little off the beaten path mixed with abduction, I recommend this one. my review
March 2013

Naia and the Professor Naia and the Professor by Natasha Knight is a delicious M/f story. The BDSM scenes are tasty and light. Ms. Knight is high on my list for Gateway to BDSM authors. My review

The Daring Prey The Daring Prey by S.J. Lewis is a fun capture and prey story. We return to the world of Gordburg and it's divine. I really want to be one of the proctors. That would be an awesome job! My Domme side would love to do the day job and the, when the clothing comes off, it's submissive time. my review

Suspense & Mind fuck

Don't... Don't... by Jack L. Pyke is a new to me author. Her BDSM scenes in here are HAWT! (Yes, I can be bribed with sex and BDSM scenes.) If you want a mind-fuck, this is the book for you. Be forewarned, the first 25% of the book is hard to follow. my review

M/m delights

Hard Fall (Deputy Joe, #1) Hard Fall by James Buchanan is a surprise to me. The focus isn't BDSM. The BDSM is subtle D/s and it's so good. my review

Be My Boy Be My Boy by Casey K. Cox is a freebie that makes me wonder why I waited so long to read it. If you love m/m and want a feel good book, this is a must read. my review

My Wicked Valentine (Club Wicked, #1) My Wicked Valentine by Ann Mayburn is AWESOME! This new club is total hot and for those who enjoy GlitterKink, this should not be missed. Ms. Mayburn consistently delivers great books. my review

Paranormal Romance
Killer Thoughts (PowerUp!, #8) Killer Thoughts by Marie Harte is the final book in this series. It ends on a great D/s note. If you like D/s and m/m and very hot sex, this is the one for you. my review

Space Opera
Distress Signal (Coriolis, #1) Distress Signal by Mychael Black is a M/m story and it is a sci-fi flavour. I love this kind of book and it's just the first in the series. There is a conspiracy, M/m hawt sex and D/s. This is a smooth and sexy read. my review

Steam-Driven Seduction (Steampunked Lust, #3) Steam-Driven Seduction by Corinne Davies is the third in this delightful series. If you want to read a good Steampunk story with hot menage, this is a book you'll enjoy. The M/m/f in this is sizzling plus there is a flogging in it.

Non Con
Corporate Slave Corporate Slave by Fulani is for those of you who love the dystopian world. Fulani is quickly becoming an author I really enjoy. If his name is on the book, I'm going to read it. my review

APRIL 2013

I have several books I read in the past month I really enjoyed. These are my five and four stars. I don't usually rate 5 stars. These books moved me and I hope you enjoy them too.

Romantic BDSM Maledom

Tasting Pleasure (Pleasure, #1) Tasting Pleasure (Pleasure, #1) by Marie Haynes is a slice of heaven. Even though there is some pretty rough BDSM scenes in here, the characters and journey is a completely fairy tale perfection. This is the unattainable balance of D/s and it's just so lovely to read. For those who want to read real BDSM scenes in a romantic novel, this one is for you. my review


Best Bondage Erotica 2013 Best Bondage Erotica 2013 by Rachel Kramer Bussel is an excellent compilation of steamy hot bondage. I've found a few new authors I really enjoy in here and I can't wait to find more by them. my review

M/m Space Opera

Dark Space Dark Space by Lisa Henry is delicious. Yes, yes, I'm a fan of Ms. Henry. Her writing really appeals to me. From the first few sentences, I'm hooked in and ready for a wild ride. This one isn't really that much BDSM. There are hints of D/s and it's really the "nightmares" which tickled my fancy. Hopefully my official review will be approved soon - my review.


My Wicked Nanny (Club Wicked, #2) My Wicked Nanny by Ann Mayburn is GlitterKink great. Mistress Mayburn writes the smoothest and sexiest sweet rich boy Dom and poor girl sub. my review


Still (Long Slow Tease, #1) Still by Ann Mayburn blows my mind. How does Ms. Mayburn write in so many different genres? This is a must read book for those who want a look into the hotness of femdom with the healing support a Domme provides to her alpha male submissive. This moved me to tears. my review

Maledom Paranormal

Warlock's Pawn Warlock's Pawn by Tara Quan is a new to me author. It's a little rough but I can see the potential. Those who like a heroine who can save herself, this is the book for you. my review

M/m Paranormal

Silver/Steel (Arcada #4) Silver/Steel by Belinda McBride is so good. I'm moaning in pleasure just remembering this book. My review

M/m Rentboy

If It Flies (Market Garden, #3) If It Flies by L.A. Witt is a tasty appetizer. This rentboy kinky fantasy is the one I hoped would be written. My wish was granted! my review

Steampunk Capture Slavery

Pam-Ann Pam-Ann by Lindsey Brooks is deviant, depraved and delightful. I liked every character in this book, even the perversely sadistic Persephone. Pam-Ann fell into the rabbit hole and boy is she in trouble! My review

Speculative Fiction

Being Amber Being Amber by Sylvia Ryan is another one which blew my mind. Ms. Ryan does an impossible feat - she creates a utopia in a dystopian society. My review


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