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Being Amber
Being Amber by Sylvia Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

BUY THIS BOOK NOW! How does an author create utopia in a dystopic world? Enter the Amber Zone. This book blew my mind. It's the type of story which really appeals to me. The components with the dash of kink made this a highly enjoyable read.

In this world, the there are different classes of people in the former United States. It's based on...genetics. The discrimination against those who have "defective DNA" in this book is horrifying. It's horrifying because it's very easy to see a world turn into this way. This speculative fiction plays on my end time fears. It also brings in a slightly political message about the 2nd amendment. All I know is, no one is confiscating my guns.

Being Amber kicks off a series which captures my full attention. It shows how cruel humans can be yet at the same time, it is balanced by the kindness of humans. This dichotomy is beautiful because it showcases the good, bad and ugly of societies. I really admire how Ms. Ryan carefully juxtaposes hatred with sexual freedom. The contrasts between the societal classes is jarring. The world building in here is just enough to have a person see a good picture of this post-epidemic life. The designations of Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Amber and Onyx are fascinating. Hopefully in the next book, these are better defined and the reader is exposed to more of these societies. The theme is similar to In Time. The different zones and how the haves and have-nots are about all that's similar.

What really makes it for me in this book is the theme of hope. Not all is lost. That which is discarded is not unwanted by others. I love this kind of message in a book. To add some kinky flogging with it, I'm in high heaven. While this book isn't really BDSM classification, it does involve a little kinky therapy which enhances the book for me. This book is highly recommended to erotic readers who enjoy speculative fiction.

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