Review: Continental Breakfast

Continental Breakfast
Continental Breakfast by Ella Dominguez

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book of Ms. Dominguez I've read. I loved it. I loved it because it moved me to tears and I cried through half the book. Bella is not a complicated character. She is one who makes a decision and sticks to it. The heartbreak of betrayal crushed her and rather than be a victim, she does her best to move on. She doesn't even hate Mr. Pettifor. She adores him so much - she finds another assistant for him.

This story isn't complicated. The conflict is with miscommunication. The world building is barely existent. It's even in first person which isn't something I prefer. Yet this book moved me because of the emotion. Ms. Dominguez did an excellent job of showing a heart crushed. She takes me on a ride where I'm emotionally invested.

The sex in this story is steamy hot and delicious. I'm aroused yet feeling angry. How can he do this to him? Why is he so cruel? How could he? How could she return all those items he gifted her? Did she not know he bought them for her and only her? This book crushes me. This book is highly recommended for erotic readers who love a bit of angst.

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