Review: Die for Him

Die for Him
Die for Him by Amy Valenti

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Does anyone ever think of exactly what a bodyguard does? The word bodyguard implies a tough person who can defend the person he or she is protecting. Yet if one looks at the word itself, body + guard, it really is a person who uses their body as a shield to guard the person in their care. This distinction is never clearer than in DIE FOR HIM. Mia is a female bodyguard to the millionaire Dean Tremaine, who sacrifices herself to defend him.

What is it about alpha males with money who think nothing can touch them? They believe they are above the law and maybe even death. Dean is one such foolish man as he insists on holding a meeting at his exclusive private sex club regardless of death threats. Despite the warnings and recommendations against his plans, Dean does whatever he wants. He frustrates Mia because she needs to work out the logistics and protect his pampered ass.

This short story is a hot and smooth read. Ms. Valenti writes enjoyable BDSM scenes with sexy Doms and strong submissives. In this story, Mia is definitely the stronger of the two and yet she submits so beautifully. Dean is an irresistible Dom who knows what he wants and will seduce even the most resistant submissive into submission. Ms. Valenti shows exactly how easy it is to blur the professional and personal lines. Not only is it easy, succumbing to temptation yields a tantalizing reward for Mia. This is if Mia can survive the encounter with Dean both figuratively and literally. These cross social-class love interests are a great fantasy and in this tale, it works out just right.

This kinky story is recommended to the GlitterKink reader who fantasizes about the rich Dom and lusts for the luxurious kinky side of life.

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