Review: Distress Signal

Distress Signal
Distress Signal by Mychael Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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A daring Dom Marine and a sexy submissive scientist send this science fiction story out into orbit. Dr. Ash Mracek is an anomaly in this universe. Yet, he's the only one who may be able to help save the military Syndicate run worlds from Revenants. This story is Joss Whedon's Serenity combined with Stargate Atlantis and then adds a D/s M/m twist. And oh is this added kink luscious!

The Revenants are wraith-like aliens bent on slaughter and pillaging. They exist in some kind of "dark space" which keeps them safe from the rest of the universe. Ash is close to determining how the Revenants survive in this "dark space". Captain Carter Therres is the one who goes to rescue Ash when Ash's ship is attacked by Revenants.

This is just the beginning of the world building and it is right up my alley. There are different types of aliens, conspiracies, an underdog theme and best of all – Domination and submission. The D/s in this book is hawt. Mychael Black certainly knows how to pen a hot D/s scene between two men. She could have left it with the kinky cock worshiping and restraints. Instead, she heats it up with humiliation and public exhibition. This went from smexy to blazing hot within a few pages.

Since this is just the first in the series, there are several questions left unanswered which leaves the reader lusting for more. This m/m science fiction book is recommended to kinky readers who love the threat to bare it all in public.

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