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Editorial Board
Editorial Board by Anastasia Vitsky

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lately, it seems as if bratty characters are very popular. Why is this? Recently, there are several authors who proudly declare that their bratty submissive or character is desirable. They also claim real life dominants do love the bratty submissive and eagerly seek them. Apparently I’m the only one who finds bratty characters deplorable. In this story, Ms. Vitsky does it right by showing what happens when a bratty author crosses the line.

It could be my conservative leanings or my Asian upbringing. I tend to ignore these attention seeking drama queens. For me, bratty means spoiled, self-centered, potentially abusive – so many negative connotations. In Editorial Board, Spring Meadows is the epitome of an entitlement mentality brat. Ms. Vitsky does an excellent job of creating this character. Other than negatively responding to reviewers, Spring Meadows is the prototype of “authors behaving badly”. Reading from Spring’s perspective causes many eye rolls at her deluded self-importance and career limiting antics. Her actions are almost too sad to be comical.

The redeeming character counter balancing self-absorbed Spring is rational Rachel. Rachel Templeton possesses the patience of a saint. Rachel’s caring demeanor towards Spring is beyond even a mother’s care for their own child. In fact, it is safe to speculate most parents would disown Spring. Rachel never gives up on Spring and uses some lovely discipline to bring her in line.

The discipline part of this book is delightfully gratifying. It seems Rachel goes very easy on Spring. A much stricter application is recommended. The implied F/f is arousing and makes a reader hope to glimpse some hot F/f sex. Rachel keeps it above board. *drat*

Ms. Vitsky writes a tight story with a believable plot. Well, except for the corporal punishment that many editors would love to have as an option. The first person point of view didn’t work for me personally because I couldn’t connect with Spring. While Ms. Vitsky does explain why Spring is the way she is, it did not work for me. It’s a type of mentality I cannot condone which made this book a hard read for me at times. For other readers, they may be more sympathetic to Spring’s dilemma. The fears Spring hides is common across many. The difference is, adults reach out for help and try to solve the problem. Spring’s method it all too prevalent in modern first world countries. This book is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy coddled bratty prima donnas in need of a reality check.

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