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Entranced by Marie Harte

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It's bloody Brigadoon! For those who don't know about Brigadoon, it's a magical village in the middle of a Scottish forest which appears once every hundred years. In ENTRANCED, Jack is searching high and low for Heather. He finally finds her when he stumbles into some Bavarian town which appeared out of nowhere in some forested mountain area of Germany.

Finally Jack is featured in a book. Jack runs the psychic covert group hiding behind the PowerUp! gym. Jack originally came from the Dawn Endeavor series where he experienced a betrayal by his female partner that completely screwed up his mind. This makes it easy to understand his avoidance of female partners both professionally and personally. Heather is his latest assignment. His buddy and financial backer, Owen, asks Jack to locate his missing sister, fearing the worst. Heather is the younger sibling determined to prove her worth and wants to contribute something meaningful to the family business. She is tired of feeling like the airheaded ornament.

This book is trademark Ms. Harte. Her characters are riveting as is her storyline. She once again perfectly matches up an alpha male with a bull headed female. Sometimes, I feel sorry for these male characters. They constantly have to exert their dominance for the female to finally either partner up with them or at least follow their lead. It's never easy and usually it takes some rather hard knocks before the couple balances each other out in a copasetic existence. This seventh installment and second to last in this series continues to round out this fascinating world. The tie-ins to Ms. Harte's other series make the fan girl in me squeal in delight.

The sex in this book is surprisingly light. It's not too kinky unless one considers sex outdoors under an unidentified magical entity's presence as kinky. When it finally happens between Jack and Heather, the reader will sigh in relief. Ms. Harte practices the art of deferred sexual gratification as well as cock teasing and orgasm denial in this tale. Since these are preferred techniques of sensually sadistic Doms, one could argue this book is pretty kinky.

The book resolves in a happily ever after and sets up for the last book in this series. I can't wait to read the last one which features the mysterious Owen. This book is recommended to paranormal romance lovers who enjoy stubborn characters.

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