Review: Immortal Symphony #1: Overture

Immortal Symphony #1: Overture
Immortal Symphony #1: Overture by S.L. Armstrong

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Never want to grow old? Eternal youth is not all it's cracked up to be. The infamous Dorian Gray is apparently still alive and well. His portrait on the other hand is aging and rotting away. This is a reinterpretation of the Dorian mythos and it's much more my alley than the original.

S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet kick off the beginning of a new serial story. This one is featuring the ever immortally young Dorian Gray and his sexual proclivities. The very first scene is a searing hot voyeuristic ménage worthy of any hedonistic fiend. The first in this Immortal Symphony is written at an allegro pace. Not only is this first movement played in allegro, but it is also in forte. The BDSM harmony is a delightful pairing and music to my ears. If musical comparisons are to continue, what would Dorian Gray be? Would he be the conductor? Or is he part of the percussion section, banging out the tempo for all to follow? I vote for the percussion section.

Accompanying Dorian in this sexual interlude is Gabriel. Gabriel is some kind of paranormal hunter. It's not clear how he is hired or how he knows what he knows. In fact, Gabriel's background is quite a bit more mysterious than Dorian's past. Will these two characters generate a squawking discord in this sexual overture due to their opposing agendas? Or will they smoothly shift into the second movement at a sensual adagio pace? It is something I am very eager to find out.

While the carnal acts are enticing, they do not distract me from the questions I wanted answered. Who is Henry? How did Dorian come to be? How does Gabriel do what he does? What is this ominous overtone and how will it impact Dorian and Gabriel? I will be breathlessly anticipating more sumptuous sexual medleys the duo authors orchestrate to seduce me. This book is recommended to kinky sexual epicureans who enjoy a heteroflexible spread.

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