Review: In The Dark II

In The Dark II
In The Dark II by Michael Alexander

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ready for some BDSM dim sum? This anthology gives a little taste of all sorts of delectable perversity. I am a fan of Mr. Alexander since I first followed him on the BDSM library. I traced him from there over to his website and eagerly read free tidbits he'd release. One could say I'm a bit of a fangirl so my review is going to be a bit bias...

The book starts out with a bloody thrust and I'm kind of confused. In The Hunter it's a short and gory appetizer. I was expecting sexy dark non con only to have it flipped. Fortunately, the very next story caused me to squee in delight. I'm adore tentacle sex - the more non-con, the better. In Abduction my lust for sexual violation is appeased. It's a medium intensity but on so good. If only there was a little bit more humiliation. Dana's violation is depraved and delicious. Love the sci-fi factor of it.

When I read The Invitation, it reminded me immediately of Breanne. The humiliation pain slut is what tipped me off. Mr. Alexander is quite the cock tease in this story. Just as it's getting good, he stops! *stomps foot angrily* I want to read about the Abuse Angie party! Hell, I want to participate in the abusing! This F/f piece is hawt.

The Arroyo is not what I expected. It is a sensual exhibitionist's perfect day. Well, if there were more people watching. The deferred gratification and edging had me on edge. I love this kind of play. The maledom with a BD focus is quite arousing. Another winner for me.

Punishment: PFG is my favourite one. Yes, I'm a sick puppy. I actually find that Mr. Alexander went too easy on Sofia. Is it really poor Sofia? She earned her punishment. I'm thinking it wasn't depraved enough. She was a naughty minx cock teaser who puts out but never delivers. I say...the law is just and she needs more intense punishment. I mean, she does have more than 2 holes.

Rumors is a surprise. It's femdom with an authority figure taking a student to task. Where is this school and how come I didn't attend it? I wouldn't have minded several of my teachers taking me to task in this manner. *fans self rapidly*

Kikkus is the only one I didn't like. If it weren't for the kicking, I would have been fine. The "mean girls" theme with a little twist at the end is fine and actually enjoyable. Having been clicked hard in the crotch once, it is a hard limit for me. As in, I see red and will kill anyone who tried it on me. So when I read this kind of situation, it doesn't arouse me sexually. It ignites my rage. It's still a well written story, just pressed the wrong button for me.

The Shop is amazing. Why wasn't there a David by me when I was growing up? He's amazing. He's the guy who is innovative and so deviant. I love a guy like this. I'm surprised there aren't more girls following him around. I'm sure when word got out...there would be plenty of volunteers.

Calibration is another one which I thoroughly enjoyed yet danced on a fine line for me. I don't like snuff. There is no snuff in this story, but it's implied. What is amiss for me in this story is the fact that the machines are focused on women. Take a look at the stats for the death penalty. Last I checked, it was overwhelmingly men, not women. I'm expecting to see at least a few machines for men. I have a few that come to mind. *evil grin*

Overall, the stories are nicely packaged and easy to read. The characters are not complicated but easily remembered. The focus is on the sexy kinky scenes and it is so very good. I recommend this anthology to kinky readers looking to sample Mr. Alexander's depraved mind. I think you're going to like it and crave for a bit more. I did.

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