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Killer Thoughts
Killer Thoughts by Marie Harte

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The Romance Review

Enjoy a series going out with a smexy bang? This is the book for you. KILLER THOUGHTS is the final installment of the Power Up! series. The reader finally meets the enigmatic and wealthy Owen Stallbridge. He's the silent partner of Jack's Power Up! Gym. He's also quite heteroflexible. Yes, he swings both ways and his current and perhaps last swing is towards Ian Ryder.

Oh, there are so many comments and none of them nice with a last name like Ryder. Ian is a con artist. He's probably best categorized as a white collar criminal with a little extra paranormal oomph. Fans of actor Matt Bomer playing con artist Neal Caffrey on White Collar will love Ian. In fact, since Matt Bomer is gay in real life, I can totally see him playing Ian.

It isn't just the reader fantasizing about a naked Ian; Owen also spends a good amount of time focused on Ian's juicy ass. The BDSM in this story is trademark Ms. Harte. It is hot, sexy and extremely arousing. Ms. Harte possesses the magic touch when she writes sex scenes. I'm not sure what it is about her writing style; it always turns me on. She could write ménage, M/f, F/m or M/m and it's all good. It's almost as if the reader is right there, hoping to participate in the sexfest. After reading so many Ms. Harte books, I think I'm conditioned to salivate at both "lips" when I see a new book available.

This one is well written with a bit of romantic suspense. The reader is satisfied as the questions arising from earlier books are answered. There are a few crossover points from Ms. Harte's other series that enhances the readers' enjoyment. Plus it helps build this cool paranormal world into a more complete one. One can only hope there will be another series in this world.

What really makes the book great is her characters. Ian and Owen are two completely different types yet they seem to balance each other so well. She creates them to possess amazing superman-like powers, yet they are not superman. She lets them get hurt and they are not flawless. They are human within their superhuman powers. Ms. Harte is at heart, a romantic. I say this because all her stories are about love triumphing over all. In addition, she matches all her characters up with the perfect mate. In her world, love sees no discrimination towards gender or race. She may drag them through hell first, but she always gives them a happy ending. This book is for romance lovers who enjoy a spicy bite of kink to their m/m paranormal romances.

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