Review: Lethal Obsession

Lethal Obsession
Lethal Obsession by Shandra Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a very good read from a new to me author. If you liked Lady Heather from NCIS, there is a character in here which will make you happy. Angela is a cop and her personal life is now blurring with her work.

This story has it all, character development, plot, suspense, BDSM scenes and a mystery to solve! This tale kept me thinking. I tried to guess the end. I did get it right, but it ends in a cliffhanger which makes me want to validate my theory. Gah! The BDSM scenes are pretty hot. The implied F/f is something I wish would be expanded.

I liked Angela. She's a strong woman who's lost her way. She has personal desires and she explores it in a crazy unsafe manner. Frankly, for a cop I'm a bit surprised at her naivety and risk taking. The characters in this book are for the most part, not completely bad or good. There were two that really drove me crazy. Kanesha is a beyotch. I have a theory as to why she is such a See You Next Tuesday to Angela. I also despised Roger, Angela's husband. Even though he was barely in the story, he was quite the asshole. I have my theories about Roger and Kanesha. I'm hoping in the next book, my hypothesis will be validated. This book is recommended to kinky reader who enjoy erotic suspense.

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