Review: Out of Bight, Out of Mind

Out of Bight, Out of Mind
Out of Bight, Out of Mind by Tymber Dalton

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Is this the end of the Deep Space Mission Corps Series? I certainly hope not. According to Ms. Dalton, there are more planned. Now we can all celebrate! This latest installment, OUT OF BIGHT, OUT OF MIND is incredible. This fourth book captures the reader's emotion and takes us for a wild rollercoaster ride. For those who have not read the first three in this series, it is best to read them in order. There are references to the other stories which will enhance a reader's enjoyment.

In this one, Emi and her three husbands are back. Aaron, Caph and Ford are just as doting and loving in the previous three stories. Emi takes the lead again as the one facing extreme hardship. As a high level trained empath, she can sense people's intent and feelings. This also applies to other life forms. Kayehalau is a nonhuman who needs to catch a ride on the Tamora Bight. On paper, Kayehalau is a highly decorated scientist with an impeccable reputation. Yet the vibes Emi senses are menacing and dangerous. Isn't there some saying about listening to a woman's intuition?

Ms. Dalton crafts a fast paced tale of paranoid delusions which manifest in the worst case scenario. It brings to mind "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you". The depth of the sorrow in this novel bleeds from the pages. My heart aches as the men experience the loss of yet another woman they love. The broken bond shatters Aaron, Caph and Ford. Ms. Dalton exquisitely twists a dagger into the reader's chest as the men represent the various early stages of grief. It's almost to the point where the reader can just refer to each male by their main grief names: shock & denial, pain & guilt, and anger & bargaining.

This kind of character development is what makes Ms. Dalton such a great writer. Readers can feel the emotion as it permeates their being. The trials she forces her characters through are at the limit of most people's ability to cope. Just when it hits rock bottom, it takes a turn for the worse. It isn't all doom and gloom overwhelming with angst though. There is always a balance. While Aaron, Cap and Ford are suffering, Emi is walking the frightening yet exciting path of unknowns. She's making new connections and relationships which will bind her even tighter to her husbands if they reunite.

With Emi's narrative, Ms. Dalton injects more world building. The reader learns of two more alien races and how they integrate into the existing world. This provides a richer universe. The latest twist provides a set up for hopefully the next installment perhaps brimming with more gut wrenching emotions. This book is highly recommended to ménage lovers who also love angsty stories with a sci-fi twist.

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