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Pam-Ann by Lindsey Brooks

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Where to begin? How about, buy this book now? This is my favourite book by the talented Mr. Brooks to date. I have a love-hate relationship with his books. So far, every single one of them have been a difficult read at the beginning. I'm not sure what it is about them, but I start out with a feeling of dread. About half way through the book, I'm aroused and starting to get turned on. By the last third of the book, I'm playing with myself while reading the book. *Sigh* This is why I have a love-hate relationship with his books.

What I really liked about this book is the way it takes on a slight Sci-Fi feel mixed with the Steampunk. While there is barely enough steampunk to satisfy me in this book, the Victorian type alternate fantasy with slaves is delicious. Mr. Brooks does a lovely job weaving this world together. It is a bit slow when revealing everything, but when enlightenment is finally granted, it is a relief. Incidentally, the location he mentions the black phenomenon - 39N and 25 W, it's off the coasts of Portugal. It is in the middle of nowhere as far as land, but not too far away, just less than a degree North and a couple of degrees West is Angra do HeroĆ­smo. Ponta Delgada is at the right latitude but off on longitude. I digress.

The plot of this story is straightforward. Pam is sent to an alternate universe. It appears she is more suited to this world than she originally thought. I love the slavery in this book. The sadistic Sapphic delights of depraved Ms. Peake are phenomenal. Her cruelty and obvious enjoyment in both doling out and receiving pleasure is highly arousing for me. A world where a woman can never be an equal is fascinating when overlaid with a sexual slavery culture. It's a female submissive's wet dream. The sex in this story are really spank bank material written in an eloquent manner. I really enjoyed the terminology and words Mr. Brooks uses. It's a refreshing change to read highbrow erotica in such a wickedly perverse manner. To top it off, this is a happily ever after romance too. It's amazing what Mr. Brooks can do in a non-con sadistic tale. This book is highly recommended to romantic kinky deviants who enjoy the grittier capture themes.

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