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Push by Sara York

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Holy hot tamales! PUSH will push the reader's arousal into high gear. This enchanting ménage features a delish threesome. Mike and Nick are a couple who are missing just a piece to their relationship. They truly love each other, yet it doesn't feel complete. This is because they need a triad to strengthen their love.

When Nick meets Adam, he finds their missing part. When Mike meets Adam, he agrees. This could be a happily ever after. Instead, this short story is packed with ups and downs that are all too realistic. Ms. York tackles not only the hardships of being gay, but dating as a single parent and a nontraditional threesome partnership. Is she trying to stack the cards against these three yummy men who so obviously long to be together? How will they overcome each of these obstacles?

Ms. York does a pleasing job of creating three different characters that are all loveable. They are each unique and fit together so well. She shows us through their actions how much they love each other yet due to the lack of verbal communication, they unnecessarily break each other's hearts. This engages the reader and pulls their emotions through a turbulent ride.

The sex part is delish. Ms. York builds hot sexual tension between Adam and Nick. Combing the three men together pushes it to a fiery level. The amount of sex is just right and shows up in all the right places. Ms. York's story saunters in sexily and kicks up into high gear near the end. This book is recommended to m/m ménage readers who like it hot with a plot.

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