Review: A Riding Crop for Two

A Riding Crop for Two
A Riding Crop for Two by Karyn Gerrard

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Mistress Birch and Lord Craven are in a whirlwind romance. The first installment brought these two together. The second one, they are now together and there seems to be a bit of regret on both sides. Why is it that they acted so fast? Is there now buyer's remorse from the wealthy Lord?

The writing voice and style is fine. The world building is expected for a historical romance between an aristocrat and a peon. With a short story like this, a predictable conflict which resolves easily despite misunderstandings is expected. Ms. Gerrard leaves no loose ends flapping in this story. The characters are a bit underdeveloped but this is only because the story is a bit short. There wasn't enough time for them to truly grow. It almost felt like speed dating - how quickly they came together.

The reason why the sting rating is a two is because it's just barely kinky. With a title including a riding crop, one would hope for more than a little slap and tickle. This book is categorized as barely SugarKink. The rating is more a 2.5 star. This story is recommended for historical romance lovers who enjoy a dash of kink.

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