Review: Steam-Driven Seduction

Steam-Driven Seduction
Steam-Driven Seduction by Corinne Davies

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The Romance Review

Is this the taming of the shrew? Kassandra is no red haired vixen. She is a raven black haired runaway wife. Her husband Julian Kincade finally gave up on chasing her after a few months. Two years later, he's back and he wants Kassandra to return.

Julian is a dream. He's sexy, dangerous and he owns a vessel named Atlantis which is usually underwater. And he's a Dominant who knows how to wield a whip. Why in heavens does Kassandra-call-me-"Kass" run from him? Because she is STUPID. Yes, she is. She eavesdrops on a scene, misunderstands and rather than communicate like a rational human being, she flees. Talk about lack of trust and faith in her husband. Julian is too good to her. He should have pulled her back in chains and tan her ass raw.

Kass's inability to communicate effectively aside, she's now an independent woman who works with the rebels to free slaves. She's grown a lot in two years and she's ready for Julian. Too bad she's not ready for both Julian and a delectable new lover, Miguel. This is where Ms. Davies kicked up the heat. She writes steamy ménages and this latest book in her steampunk series is just as hot. Her threesomes are truly triad where there is a connection between all of them. They love each other and fully sexually ravish in every combination. Miguel is a perfect addition to Julian and Kass's relationship. He balances them out and brings them together. Ms. Davies creates marvelous fantasy threesomes.

This latest book focuses more on the relationship than the world building and conflicting factions. In fact, there is very little to move the war between the Old and New World forward. The one little piece about the warfare is almost an afterthought rather than an integral piece of the puzzle. Instead, the pursuit and capture of Kass by two hunky men drives this story into a smexy paced erotic delight. Kass's fears and the reason why she ran away is finally laid out in the open. If Julian and Miguel lance the wounds, perhaps the relationship can start to heal.

Between the steampunk devices and D/s undertones with light SM whipping, I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. My absolute favourite is Julian's home base. He lives under the sea on a vessel like city named Atlantis. People living in Atlantis can watch marine life swimming by at any time. How cool is that?

This book is recommended to steampunk lovers who also enjoy a kinky ménage.

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