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Still by Ann Mayburn

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Be still my beating heart and raging libido. This is my favourite book by Ms. Mayburn. BUY THIS BOOK NOW! I am moved to tears. This book completely shows how a writer beautifully incorporates real life into a romance novel. Make no mistakes, the realities of PTSD are not pretty, yet with love and support, this too shall be conquered.

While this story is fiction, Ms. Mayburn brings realism into it by showing the effects of PTSD on both the soldier and their loved ones. It makes this civilian understand better what happens during an episode. It also makes this civilian respect and appreciate our Armed Forces that much more.

The characters in this book are complex between their past experiences and where they want to be. Michelle is no longer in the Navy, yet she still is a doctor. She's still saving lives just as she saved Wyatt's life when they served together in the sandbox. She returns to him to save him yet again, this time from himself. But is it really him she's saving? Or are they saving each other? I'll let each reader decide for themselves.

The emotion radiating off these pages is potent. I felt fear, sorrow, anguish, frustration, rage and bliss. These intense feelings draw me into a world where a loving Domme trains a new male submissive. This male is so new to the BDSM lifestyle, he only knows the myths portrayed in bad BDSM pornos. The D/s in this story is subtle with a hint of steel. The kinky sex scenes are blazing hawt kicked up a notch. I'm thinking Ms. Mayburn needs to let her kink flag fly high a bit more often. Her depraved mind comes up with a delicious device that I've never seen. I need to send this book to a friend who knows about sexual furniture making.

The erotic power exchange in here is beautiful to witness. It's not an easy and smooth ride. Similar to non-kinky relationships, this one experiences ups and downs. It's fabulous to see a realistic portrayal of a new BDSM couple finding their way to trust one another. It's heartening to watch mistakes not destroy a relationship, only help grow and make it stronger. This book is highly recommended to femdom lovers who want to see the alpha male submit willingly. I am waiting on edge to read the next in this series.

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A Domme and a male sub? And it's well-written? I WANT!
I just started reading "Still," because I wanted to read about a feminine Domme. So far (about 52% done), I'm HOOKED.

I'll be following your blog for more similar book suggestions.
Hey Michelle - the second book is promising to be pretty exciting too. I can't wait to read it! Ms. Mayburn provided a synopsis to me and it wowed me. :)
I finished reading "Still" and I HAD to post a review and email Ms. Mayburn. The story REALLY hit close to home for me and I think we need MORE women authors to write about Dommes, like this one!

I cannot wait for the next one!
Thanks (for letting me stalk your reviews? LOL),

@ Michelle - I felt the same! I'm so glad you also enjoyed it. I know Ms. Mayburn loves to hear feedback from readers.

Feel free to stalk my reviews. :)

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