Review: Stone Cold

Stone Cold
Stone Cold by Eva LeNoir

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Denying a mate and turning your back on them is a grievous sin. Not believing enough in your mate is probably just as bad or worse. Sloane is the mate Stone loved forever. Two years ago, Sloane kicks Stone in the heart and stomps on it. She's a stupid bitch. No, really. She's a werewolf.

This story moves fast and leaves the reader panting for more. The fighting in this is more graphic and gritty. This enhances the book for me. I loved this rough play. The fight between Ellen and Stone was hot and arousing. The sex between Sloane and Stone is steamy.

There is a little bit of intrigue and Ms. LeNoir leaves us hanging. Boo. The third in this book better be published soon so that we can read it. This book nicely sets us up for the next story while giving good history on Stone. I felt this book is more a 3.5 star. It's more focused and I can see her writing style become more polished. I recommend this book to paranormal lovers who love a good fight.

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