Review: Temptation

Temptation by Selena Kitt

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I read the original UMNB and really enjoyed it. This re-vision of it is not as enjoyable for me. It is more a 3.5 rating than 4 star. Here's why. The original story is a contemporary setting. This was quite enjoyable for me. The sex was hot the f/f plus incest was written in a way that was understandable.

In this one, it's almost the same except as Ms. Kitt indicates, it's been taken back to the 1950's. The prudish attitude while realistic made it difficult for me to get through. I avoid stories in this time period for this specific reason. I don't even watch movies in this time period.

The sex in this book is still hot. Ms. Kitt is very good with her sex scenes. It's still similar to the original yet it feels a bit more taboo because of the time period. I'm still a bit aroused by the confessional scene. I used to have issues with a priest in sexual situations. It's blasphemous to me. Now, I'm no longer have any issue due to another author blowing my mind with a sadistically sexy priest.

Back to this story, reading it this second time around, it makes me wonder if the reveal ending is actually true. Leah is in love with her best friend Erica's father, Rob. Rob appears to be quite the sexual deviant for his time. Due to his history with Leah's mother, it makes one question Leah's mother big reveal. Perhaps it was just a way for Leah's mother to stick it to Rob. It also makes me think a bit less of Rob. It's almost as if he decided to go for the younger newer model.

The story is still tightly written and for those who never read the original one, you will probably enjoy it much better. I recommend this book to kinky readers who enjoy pushing boundaries.

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