Caning Part I

Thank you to Rapture who presented caning.  His fet id is _Rapture_.  His website is

As usual,  I'm going to stick to using Top and bottom.  I'm also going to use he for Top and she for bottom.

What is a cane?

A cane is any stick.  It could be made of hard wood such as cherry wood.  Other common material are:

  1. Rattan
  2. Nylon
  3. Polyetheylene
  4. Metal

Take by Neville Elder

There are also bundle canes which are made of the same materials listed above.

From Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips & Toys


As we all know, safety is key for me to pass on to all of you.  It is important to keep your canes well maintained and clean.

For most wooden canes, they need to remain moist.  Not dripping wet or damp, but moist so they do not crack or splinter.  Rapture indicated he used a warm wet towel to run up and down the stick once every three months.  Some recommended taking the sticks and leaving it in the bathroom while taking a long hot steamy shower.

Because canes can break skin, it is critical to sanitize it after each usage.  Even if a cane is reserved for just one person, if it is bundled with other canes for storage or transfer, there can be a minor chance of contamination.

The tips of canes should be rounded.  Any tip with jagged edges will cause the skin to break or tear.  Same goes for splits on a cane such as the rattan.

Where to hit on the body?

Do not strike the following areas

  1. Knees
  2. Feet
  3. Abdominal
  4. Elbows
  5. Tailbones
  6. Kindeys
  7. Stay away from joints!


The Top must pay attention when striking.  Rapture recommended if the sub is flat on the belly, make sure the keep their thighs closed.  This is especially important during high impacts. 

Possible accidents could occur by hitting a woman on the pussy and if she has piercings, it could catch the rings and rip it off.  Same goes for men who have piercings on their balls or penis. 

I can just hit a person right?  I don't need any training.  It's just a stick.

WRONG.  It is always good to practice striking so that you know when you bring your arm down, it hits exactly on the location you expect.  One way to practice is to lay several pencils 2 to 2.5 inches apart on a flat surface.  The speed at which you can hit a person with the cane will depend on how accurately you can hit the spaces between the pencils.  If the pencils move, then slow down the striking until the pencils don't move. 

How do the different materials feel? Why choose one over the other?

Hardwood is a good one to start out with for a long scene.  It's more thuddy rather than stingy.  Generally one does not strike with heavy force when using a hardwood.  It can be light tapping to medium striking. 

Composite ones range from stiff to flexible.  Please note, if the cane is too flexible, it can't be easily controlled.  It's not recommended to use one that cannot be controlled.  And by control, we mean when you strike, it lands exactly where you intend it to land.

Rattans have more give.  Generally these can be use after the start up.  There can be more force applied with this one.

Stainless steel can be very stingy.

Does the thickness of the cane make a difference?

Yes.  The thicker the cane, the more thuddy.  The thinner the cane, more stingy.  The mass of the rod also makes a difference.  The density of the material will cause it to become more thuddy versus stingy.

Where do I buy a cane?
There are various sex stores and BDSM vendors who sell canes. 

And even Amazon sells canes.  They just don't know it.

For inexpensive and fun caning implements, hot rods - drumsticks and wire whisks can easily be purchased off of Amazon, a music or a kitchen store. 


Great post! I'm thinking of getting one of those wooden teacher's pointers from Amazon. It's only a couple bucks and I could use it for caning or in role play (Librarian, Head Mistress).
Ooh... now that will be fun!
I like multi-purpose stuff. *winks*
Sarah Kat said…
"I can just hit a person, right?"

LOL. This was very education :-)
lol - it never fails to amaze me what some people think...

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