Caning Part II

Why would a person want to cane someone?  What does a Top get out of it?

Rapture explained what he gets out of caning.

  • Enjoyment in the sensation of being together and getting "lost" with each other.
  • Listening to the bottom moaning, squealing and whimpering.  (Sometimes there is a yelp.)
  • Enjoying the wiggling and squirming of the bottom.
  • Enjoying the instant gratification from an action he controls to see how a bottom responses.
  • Powerful feeling as well as control.

For Rapture, he doesn't use caning for punishment.  Because he enjoys it, it is a sensual impact play for him. 

Now, I was privileged to watch Rapture demo about a 10 minute session on his bottom.  She was on a massage table, on her belly and naked except for her thong.  Even though Rapture indicates he doesn't use caning for punishment, it does not mean he didn't strike her hard.  There were several times when he hit her, she lurched up. 

I sat in the front row and I squealed.  I know my butt cheeks tightened and a few times I flinched and winced hard.  Embarrassingly enough, one time, I hid behind my clipboard and notepad which I used to take notes.  I'm pretty sure I whimpered.  And yet as I kept watching, I became more and more aroused.  The energy between Rapture and his bottom could be felt in the room.  And it transferred to the audience as more people became turned on.  I know my panties got wet.

Doesn't this just hurt?  What does a bottom get out of it?

It depends on the material of the cane, how hard the striking and the bottom's preference.  And sometimes, the pain feels so good.  Some bottoms compare it to receiving a thumping massage.  Some bottoms like the marks and welts left over to admire later on.

Rapture also explained that a caning session isn't just whacking the shit out of a bottom.  The analogy for me is music.  Sure a drum beat that is steady and thumping at the same intensity can be considered playing music.  But it's kind of boring, isn't it?  And just using one stick on the snare drum to give a "marching" beat is just "eh".  But what happens when other sticks are used?  What happens when we change up the tempo or the beat?  We then receive and feel a variety of sounds and it's more enjoyable.  This is the same for caning.

Rapture also mentions a  Top needs to give a bottom the chance to enjoy the sensations and process the pain.  This ties in to changing up the strikes.  Caress the welt.  Instead of a quick strike, hold the cane in the same place as where it came down, then slowly let it up.  This prevents the blood from coming back up to the surface of the skin.  Maybe move the cane back and forth like a violin bow.  Drag the cane up and down the body instead of striking.  Experiment with different canes.  There is no need to use just one cane through the entire session.  Change it up.

Other suggestions

Incorporate music in a caning session.  This way, the Top can "drum" on the bottom as their musical instrument.  It also gets both the Top and bottom into the mood. 

When caning, it is dependent on the bottom, perhaps they need a longer interval between hard strikes to process the pain.  Watch your bottom to see how their body responds.

Rapture also mentioned hitting the neck.  This he said is definitely not whacking away.  It's a gentle tap to let the bottom know the Top is there. 

If one is to use the "tipping" method which is the tip of the cane landing an inch off the target, it will recoil.  This recoil means the speed of the tip will increase due to hyper acceleration.  This is not recommended but it can be done.

During the caning demo, Rapture also ran his fingertips up and down the bottom's back.  Sometimes he ran his hand through her hair and pulled her head back.  He also nibbled and bit on her back and neck. 

I know after this session, I really looked forward to a caning session. 

Let's get our kink on!  Get caning!  Tell us about your caning experience.  What was your favourite?  What is your favourite implement?  Do you have a specific song you like for caning?


Thomas / Rapture said…
Thank you so much for sharing this writing! I appreciate the effort you put into this. I love the way you portrayed everything. It is nice to know that if nothing else, you took away most everything that I intended to share!

:) I'm glad I captured it correctly. I was so happy I attended your class.
Another great post! Now I'm interested in acquiring some canes for experimentation.

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