Flash Cotton

It is no surprise I'm into fireplay to those who know me.  I need to write my Advance Fireplay notes and post them.  While I'm getting those in order, there is something I have to post.  My spouse loves watching Tosh.  I personally can't stand it.  But this one scene was hilarious and worth watching.


I've had flash cotton on my hand.  It's fast heat and pretty nifty.  I haven't had it on my naked body.  I can only hope to have it one day. 


Lisa said…
Ugh, not a fan of Tosh either, but flash cotton looks like fun!
@ Lisa, yeah, Tosh drives me crazy. But the flash cotton is a must for fireplay lovers. ^_^
Anonymous said…
Tosh is the modern day equivalent to the Three Stooges for women.
I think you are right. Tosh is just - eh, not as funny as the Jackass crew. He's just disturbing.

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