What is mummification?

Mummification is a when a person is constrained usually using some type of wrapping. Some people use cloth. Others use tape. The most popular right now is using plastic wrap. For the purposes of this educational piece, I will be discussion only plastic wrap.

Why do people do this?

There are several different reasons why people are into mummification. It is especially popular with the bondage crowd because it is a form of bondage. There are also people who enjoy dressing up in plastic wrap. There are ways to create clothing from plastic wrap which not only limits your subs movement but also clothes them in a way for a play party.

Safety First

As always, I have a safety section.

1. Always have a pair of scissors on hand. The type EMT use are a good one. These are easily found on Amazon for less than $5. Just type in EMT Shears and various types will pop up.

2. Water on hand. With plastic wrap, it gets to be very hot. Depending on the environment and how thick the wrapping may be, there is a distinct possibility of heat exhaustion or dehydration. Make sure your sub is hydrated.


1. Cotton balls
2. Plastic wrap

Why cotton balls? I'll explain a little further down. First let's talk about plastic wrap. What kind of plastic wrap can you use?

Saran wrap is actually the plastic wrap you want. Basically, if it is safe for food storage, it is safe to have on the skin. There are two types of plastic wrap - Blown and Cast. Blown is stickier and stronger. You can tell when it's blown by the louder sound when it is removed from the roll. Cast makes no sound.

For those interested in a detailed comparison, I found a website which gives you a side by side comparison. Blown versus Cast

How about packing wrap? Can we use that?

Yes, actually packing wrap can be used. However, it's best to first use Saran wrap as a protective layer between the skin and the packing wrap.

What if I want a different colour?

There are two choices. Use a clear food grade plastic wrap first and then a coloured plastic wrap.

Or buy it from Saran Wrap - they have coloured ones Reynold Website

125 sq. ft. Clear, Rose, Green, Blue and Violet

Why the cotton balls?

Cotton balls can be placed on top of nipples before the wrapping. This allows for an easy way to pick up the plastic after mummification is completed. Using EMT shears or scissors, holes can be cut out to play with certain body parts.

Where can I wrap?

Basically any part of the body can be wrapped. Remember though, if you are going to wrap the face, you must have a way for the sub to breathe. Common practices are to immediately cut a hole for the mouth to get air before holes are made for the nose.

What kind of wrapping can I do?

I have personally seen people wrap the hands individually until it looked like those big boxing gloves. This forces a person to not be able to use their hands.

Another common one is to have a person stand up naked with their arms to their side. Then wrap the person up from neck down and lay them down.

Now, the problem with skin to skin, is that it starts to get sweaty and the plastic wrap depending on the type can shrink a little. With the multiple layers which can be anywhere from 3 layers to 20+ layers, this can cause the sub to be very uncomfortable.


Instead of one mass wrapping of the body, I've seen instead, an individual wrapping of each extremity with a couple of layers before then wrapping the entire body with arms and legs to the body. This will be more confining so make sure your sub is NOT claustrophobic.


Creativity is where wrapping becomes a contest. A fun game is to have several couples given their choices of plastic wrap to create an outfit.

I've seen, halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps with mini skirts and full length skirts. The outfits all lasted the couple of hours during the demo with no issues. Everyone used as a model was completely naked. It's generally easier that way as plastic wrap works better on skin and itself than on clothing.

automatic plastic wrapping machine

Is it possible to use one of these? This is what they have in some shipping departments. Wouldn't this be fun?

The answer is, probably not. Chances are the force applied when wrapping would crush the sub's body and could cause the sub to not be able to breathe because the wrapping is too tight around the chest. A sub who stops breathing generally dies. Death is a no-no.

What else can I do with this wrap?

It is more than just mummification. You can use it just for certain body parts. Maybe just wrap the arms together. Maybe just wrap the legs to the legs of a table. Be creative. Experiment!

How have you used plastic wrap in your play?


I haven't but I like the idea of wrapping legs to table legs. And/or arms to chair arms. >:)
Um, who is the one wrapped to the legs of a table or chair? I'm hoping you me Ralph... ^_^
Or a sub deserving of attention. I'm sure Ralph would love to wrap a naughty sub up, too. ;)
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

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