Review: Corporal Punishment : A Study in Caning

Corporal Punishment : A Study in Caning
Corporal Punishment : A Study in Caning by Sabrina Jen Mountford

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The title says it all. It's amazing what can be researched and written about for a paper in academia. While this one may be a bit of stretch, I wouldn't be shocked if someone has proposed this as a study.

Ms. Mountford does it again with another erotic dub-con story. Professor Jacqueline Reed works on a controversial research study. She believes corporal punishment will help a person do better. I would say this is true. Her findings however, startle her because they are contrary to her hypothesis.

The caning in this story is arousing. Ms. Mountford delights in eroticizing dubious consensual and she does it so well. In this one, readers are treated with delicious femdom exerting authority over young males and females. The forced orgasm after a punishment is especially tasty. The method to measure a male or female's exciting is particularly humiliating and depraved. It was a lovely touch. This smexy erotic tale is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy the cane.

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