Review: The Devil of Whiskey Row

The Devil of Whiskey Row
The Devil of Whiskey Row by Renee Rose

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Prostitutes, gold miners and spanking combine into a jolly good time. In THE DEVIL OF WHISKEY ROW, spanking is an equal opportunity event for both sexes. For some, it elicits erotic arousal. For some, it is pure punishment. For Cora, could it be both?

Cora Underhill went from pampered princess to abused whore when her parents were murdered. The past five years working as a two-bit filthy harlot in a sleazy whorehouse nearly broke her. When a mysterious fire changes her circumstances, is it for the better or worse?

Jake Diggory is the heavy handed brute with the soul of a musician. He's also the owner of the high class brothel, Daddy Diggs'. His treatment of Cora is confusing. Instead of irrational abuse and indentured servitude, she's given a choice to behave according to his rules and earn a wage.

This is where Ms. Rose makes it interesting. Jake is a spankophile. He is also a gentleman in that he expects his "girls" to behave ladylike. Cussing is a no-no and any one breaking his rules is in for a spanking. His favorite position for spanking a misbehaving girl is over the knee (OTK). While it's not meant to be erotic, it becomes sexual with Cora.

The spanking and cropping in this story is delightful and fun. While there are a couple of harshly doled out punishment, even those are as arousing as the gentle spanking reminders.

The story is not too complicated and there are a couple of open-ended questions left unexplored. Still the main plot is easy to follow and ambles along at a sexy gait.

The conflict is realistic and brings both Jake and Cora into a different light. The readers are pulled into the story a bit more and feel more sympathetic towards these two lost souls. The ending does rush in a gallop to the finish. It does reward the reader with a sweet romantic ending.

This western spanking story is recommended to kinky readers who love a happily ever after.

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