Review: Felicia

Felicia by S.J. Lewis

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Fooling around with another woman's man is generally not recommended. Especially if the woman is rich and the man is her little plaything. In Felicia, Felicia is an avaricious student who finds her sugar daddy vacationing in what I believe is Southern France. Her lover, Marcello, takes one too many risks and then when his wife finds out, all hell breaks loose.

Felicia is shipped off as an enslaved sex slave to a sheik somewhere in the Middle East. From there, Felicia is broken and trained to please a man instead of the other way around. As the saying goings, choices have consequences. It is unfortunate Felicia's decisions leads to such a dire outcome. (Disclaimer: I do not condone human trafficking. This is a fantasy fictional book so it's fine for me.)

This book is still classified as BDSM but more in a fantasy spank material setting. While events like this could be true in parts of the world, those are not reflective of the BDSM lifestyle. At least, not in a positive light. The forced sex scenes in this story are delightful. Since I'm not fond of Felicia, I enjoyed every depraved act perpetrated on her young nubile body. The piercings are a special touch I enjoyed. The gang bangs and violation of every hole are good. There is just enough detail, but not too much for those who don't handle these non-con situations well.

I'm a fan of Mr. Lewis and this book is definitely one I enjoyed. It's really a 3.5 star but I truncate so it shows up as a 3 star. The storyline is cohesive and straightforward. There are no surprises or plot twists. Instead, the reader is thrust into a smexy non-con plot filled with treats for a sexual sadist. Despite the non-con scenes, Mr. Lewis writes them in a many which are sexy and elicit arousal. He never crosses the line into squicky and I think this is part of the charm of his writing. He could incorporate grittier and darker details, but the way he lays out his torturous sex scenes, it's more sensual and a guilty dub-con feel to it. Writing Felicia to experience unwanted orgasms at the hands of evil males and females is delightful.

This non-con book is recommended to BDSM lovers who enjoy the sex-slave capture theme.

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