Review: Lush

Lush by Lauren Dane

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

How does a sexy in demand rock star and a chef make a relationship work? Not easily. It can be a recipe for disaster since Damien Hurley fills up the tabloids with his groupie sex. The proverbial bad boy who sowed his oats now wants to settle down. It's not so easy finding a "good girl" for a real relationship when you're a bad boy. Especially when said good girl, Mary Whaley, already sees firsthand what happens to women married to rock stars. It isn't pretty.

Ms. Dane creates another lovely contemporary romance novel. This is the third in her Delicious series and it is smexy dish. The characters are likeable. Mary is an entrepreneur who is grounded, loyal and comes from a loving family. Her extended friends who become her little tribe are all wonderful people. No one is exactly perfect, but the combination is a beautiful to watch. Ms. Dane is always so good at the little details when it comes to interactions. She easily injects humour, love and moving "Hallmark" moments.

It's a treat to watch the snarkiness fly between some of the characters. It's also fun to watch as the strongly opinionated mothers in this story almost come to blows. If this is how a relationship is like with a rock star who wants a soul-mate and partner, I'm going to decline because it looks pretty rough. Although, it does contain some really great benefits. (Who doesn't like nice hotel suites, limo rides and private jets?)

The thing which bugged me is the way Mary treats Damien in the end due to a pot-stirring reporter. If she already knows the reporter is up to no good and Damien's past is very clear he never had a relationship with a woman, why did she flip out the way she did? I can understand the initial moment of shock. I just don't understand the running away or letting someone not explain what happened. Based on all the facts and actions of Damien, including his sordid past, I would say Mary overreacted and it's she who owes Damien apologies. That was one piece that really bugged me. Still, in the heat of the moment, passions fly and who knows how I'd react if it were me in the same situation. Maybe I wouldn't be able to keep the cool head. This contemporary romance is recommended for romance lovers who enjoy the bad boy meeting his perfect fit and living happily ever after.

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