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Make Me Behave
Make Me Behave by Nancy Pirri

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Like the bratty type getting their just rewards? MAKE ME BEHAVE is brimming with brats. In the five stories, some of the women are smart ass brats while others are merely mischievous minxes. I'm not a fan of the bratty type, but several of these are actually more naughty than spoiled. The sauciness made this a smooth sexy read. Plus the real spoiled bratty ones received a punishment which pleased me greatly.

There are three stories in here tied together. First Time, Second Session and Three Strikes. This trio is very good. In First Time, an adventurous female is enticed by a riding crop. The stranger who picks Vicky up is a hot Dom. Cain lures Vicky into his den of iniquity. The story is well written and with just the right sexy impact play.

Second Session continues with a switch theme. Switches are greedy play sluts. I know this because I'm a switch. Vicky explores her Domme side with Cain's friend, Devlin. This is my favorite in the set. The tasty ménage with Vicky and Cain co-Topping Brick is a steamy hot read. Ms. Tara Fox Hall is a new-to-me author and she's definitely one I'm watching. Her style of D/s and SM is just right. For romance lovers new to kink, she breaks the newbie in so well.

The third story is a surprise paranormal romance. As a vamp lover, this one is sexy domination. Makes one understand why bloodplay is so alluring. These tightly written tales are a teasing appetizer. It makes a reader wonder what her full length novels will showcase.

The ones written by Ms. Pirri—Managing Miranda and The Newlyweds—are definitely domestic discipline. These wives are bratty spoiled females who need a good tanning. Ms. Pirri does this genre justice. She's actually a bit easier on these women than I'd be. They need a strong caning, leaving welts for weeks. The husbands in these two stories are much put upon and deserve pity. Their wives need weekly maintenance. For those who love the domestic discipline, Ms. Pirri is definitely an author to read.

This book is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy bratty women.

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