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Once a Brat
Once a Brat by Kim Dare

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Bratty submissives are not my favourite characters. Nor are they people I enjoy being around in real life. It is more the fact that I can't stand bratty people. There is a sudden increase in stories with bratty subs. Some of the authors push it because they claim those in the lifestyle are too uppity with their "one true way" of how a submissive should behave. Not sure what to expect and yet a fan of Ms. Dare, this story is not as I anticipated.

To be clear, Ms. Dare is not one of those authors being pushy about bratty subs and claiming they are more interesting and true to life than those "doormat" subs. Since I don't believe people are one or the other, it's refreshing to see Ms. Dare avoiding these kinds of boring stereotypes. She creates a fresh look at an atypical relationship just budding.

Bret Daniels is a boy who knows next to nothing about BDSM. What he does know is he likes men and he's fallen for dominant Marcus. Marcus is a sought after Dom who isn't appreciative of a pushy submissive. Bret isn't really bratty. He's actual ignorant of BDSM dynamics. Yet he's willing to learn and he's respectful of Marcus. This is a sweet story of a new to BDSM guy finding the right Dom for delicious submission. This m/m romance is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy reading new to BDSM tropes.

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Looks good. I went to NetGalley and requested. :)

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