Review: Silver/Steel

Silver/Steel by Belinda McBride

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The Romance Review

Ms. McBride returns to the Arcada world with another stunningly tortured tale.

Forced to become a bogeyman to all Fae, Dylan Ryve suffers through the centuries. He is close to freedom, only one more soul to collect for his master. The complication he encounters is something he never dreamed to have again – emotions.

Travis is one of the wolves from the Arcada pack. He is one of the sons of the Alpha yet he's treated as one of the lowest in the pack. He's the type of bad boy who cuts off his nose to spite his face. He crosses path with Dylan by wiggling his delicious ass and cock teasing an entire bar. Dylan is the steadying hand to help Travis with his impulse control.

It doesn't appear as though any of Ms McBride's characters enjoy an easy life. Nor is it easy for them to find their true mate and keep them. The conflicts Ms. McBride creates in her story are gut clenching. The foreboding keeps the reader's anxiety high as they flip from one page to the next. What really makes her books is the amazing characters she creates. Her characters are complex individuals who have past hurts to overcome. She pairs her lovers up so well because they always balance each other. They have to fight for the right to love each other, which is what makes them treasure their bond. It's a beautiful sentiment and clearly shows her romantic heart.

The plot is always riveting and takes little twist and turns. It keeps the reader guessing and completely engaged. Speaking of engaging, the sex in her books are always divine. She blends in a taste of D/s which is my favorite kink. She does it so well without having to label it BDSM. It's just how the characters enjoy their sexual expression.

The chemistry between the characters is hot and arousing. It could be because the male characters are all strong and dominant. They may not always be confident in their abilities, but when a situation arises, they meet it head on with a willingness to sacrifice it all. This is what pulls me back to Ms. McBride over and over again. Her characters are willing to sacrifice for the good of the whole. Even though the character my face a fate worse than death, they are honorable people who believe in self-sacrifice. They walk the talk. If only we could have more of these types of people in real life.

This erotic paranormal romance is recommended for m/m lovers who love good faery tale endings.

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