Review: Something New Under the Sun

Something New Under the Sun
Something New Under the Sun by L.A. Witt

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Rebel forces in a cyberpunk world fighting the good fight is a trope I adore. Ms. Witt's conclusion to her debut "A Chip in His Shoulder" with edgy publishing company Riptide is HAWT. Liam and Daniel return in this fast paced tale of betrayal, redemption and love lost.

Something New under the Sun breaks open the conspiracy against vampires. Daniel's father is a psychopath. Any person who uses children as collateral against their parents is an evil person in my book. Ms. Witt can create some chillingly evil characters. It's interesting since her lead characters are flawed and sometimes comes across as the villain. Yet once their motives are revealed, a reader can't help but fall in love with the anti-hero. Still, Ms. Witt ruthlessly creates the antagonist with despicable personalities. This seems to be a trademark in the books I've read of hers.

This plot is thrilling as well as maddening. The turns of events are something anticipated with dread. There are twists and turns the readers hope won't come to fruition. When it does, it's just as messy of a train wreck as expected. Sometimes, it is worse. In this world, there is very little kindness. It's fraught with oppression, corruption and murder. Yet amidst all this controlled destruction, there is still hope, love and sacrifice. This is demonstrated though Liam and Daniel's star-crossed love. They willingly sacrifice for a just cause. The cost is high and sometimes a bit too steep for their ideals.

Ms. Witt creates a fascinating world with just enough techno-geek devices and gadgets for a riveting cyberpunk piece. The strong feelings invoked through love lost counterbalance the emotionless machines. There's even a reconciliation which soothes old wounds. The heart of this story is redemption with the underdogs succeeding. It's a bittersweet conclusion which makes a reader hope for more. This m/m erotica is highly recommended to those who love angst and vengeance.

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