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Astronomical by Silvia Violet

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The Romance Review

A sexy kilt-wearing professor and an OCD librarian, how does this work? Very well, as it turns out. It's serendipity as I happen to be vacationing in Edinburgh where there are plenty of men wearing kilts. Not sure if the kilt-wearing Scottish men enhanced this lovely story or if the handsome professor Greg enhanced my experience in Scotland.

Greg is Blake's new neighbor. Greg is the astrologist who shows interest in the once-bitten-twice-shy Blake. Blake's last relationship several years ago left him disillusioned and feeling used. Blake is very hesitant to even make new friends, let alone find a new lover. At the heavy handed prompting of his family, he meets up with Greg.

This story is a sweet romance featuring a shy Blake learning how to date and trust a lover again. Add Blake's conniving yet supportive twin sister and niece, and it's a recipe for a romantic comedy.

Ms. Violet pens a feel good story with two average men staring a new relationship. The sex is illicit as they try to fit it in while babysitting a nine-year-old girl. The date nights are cute. Ms. Violet does an excellent job of capturing the ups and downs of a fresh start between two sexy men. Both seem to be clueless of their own attractiveness. Some of their fumbles and miscommunication are too easy to recognize. It's not cringe worthy, but definitely situations most readers can sympathize.

This short sexy romance is recommended for m/m readers who love the boy next door.

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