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Confession by Selena Kitt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Philandering priest, naughty nuns and teenage trollops are the themes of this book. With a title like "confessions", it conjures up dirty little secrets similar to the HBO series "Taxi Ride Confessions". Ms. Kitt doesn't disappoint in her deviant disclosures.

This second book threw me a little with the first chapter. The last time the readers saw Leah, she was shocked by her mother's reveal to Mr. Nolan. In this one, Leah is in a delicate condition which requires her to be whisked away at night.

Ms. Kitt does a good job of showing how females who don't follow societal rules are treated. It's a bit extreme and yet in some ways, it was a lesson for other females - lesson in "what not to do". One can't help but contrast how females were treated in the 50s to how it is in this new century. With the onslaught of trashy reality shows, what was once shameful is a ticket to fifteen minutes of fame. The pendulum of societal dictation now swings to the extreme in the opposite direction of the 1950s. I'm not pushing for either behaviours; I wonder if there isn't a way where it can be in a happy medium.

Philosophical pondering aside, this book is laced with taboo temptations. It is not filled with arousing sex. On a scale of one to five for sexual heat, this is one. This is a shame since Ms. Kitt's claim to fame is her delicious sexual heat and gritty scenes. Her earlier stories were simple and perhaps categorized as plot fluffy. In this new series, her writing voice and ability is definitely better yet it is missing that teasing fun sexual heat. While the plot is more meaty, her characters are a little less appealing. Perhaps in the next installment the reader will be treated to hot sex, engaging characters and a great plot.

The big bombshell in this story is a secret society within the Catholic church - Mary Magdalenes. This conspiracy theory is intriguing at best and at worse, blasphemous. It is a good thing it is 2013 instead of the 50s. Ms. Kitt would have been in a lot of trouble for her portrayal of the Catholic Church. Her penance would include more than Hail Marys or Our Fathers. Perhaps it would include quite the caning and flogging.

This little secret society is lightly touched on and if it were expanded into its own little story, now that would be taboo and hot. There are always conspiracy theories about Mary Magdalene because of her connection with Jesus. There will always be people who will vilify her just as those who will portray her as a kick ass Buffy warrior (Magdalena).

Overall the story is well written. This balances my distaste in the characters and my lack of surprise at the big reveal. I called the plot twist in my last review of the first book. It's nice to see I'm still able to predict a plot device accurately. This book is for those who want to glimpse a plausible Catholic wild side.

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