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Frat Boy and Toppy
Frat Boy and Toppy by Anne Tenino

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Romance, humour plus a "coming out of the closet" event equals a great read. Ms. Tenino is a new to me author. In FRAT BOY AND TOPPY,  she's definitely hooked me into her books. Brad is the frat boy who's a football jock. With the moniker of Alpha Dawg, his reputation with the ladies makes other guys envious of him. What is sad about this story is that Brad isn't happy with his life because he's missing something. He is living a life based on what others think it should be. He is pigeon holed to be a lady's man muscle bound frat boy. When it comes to light why Brad thinks he is straight, it tugs at my heart strings. Ms. Tenino does a great job balancing this piece of information with the support showered upon Brad by Brad's family and friends.

Ms. Tenino does an excellent job of setting up the story both from a character standpoint and world building. Creating Brad to be in college where many people discover their true self really makes this story work. It makes it believable and easily relatable. Adding in a crush on the teaching assistant (TA) is just as sweet because honestly, who hasn't had a crush on their TA in college? She adds layers to both Brad and Sebastian. They are more than just what their surface fa├žade shows. She does this by having them behave in ways that aren't expected.

Ms. Tenino shows a softer side of what could happen when a stereotypical macho guy comes out of the closet. This is an ideal response which comes across as a relief and a bit amusing. Her humour throughout the book as Brad questions himself and comes to harsh realizations about himself is fabulous. The relationship she builds between Brad and his crush, TA Sebastian, is a pleasure to read. It's a familiar up and down ride when a person finds the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Insecurity arises when one isn't sure if the other is going to reciprocate the same passion and feelings.

Speaking of passions and feelings, the passionate sex in this book is HAWT! Adding kinky topping sex makes it spicier and more arousing. I loved it! Even though Brad's been with many females, his first time with a guy is a time to remember. The way Ms. Tenino graphically describes the acts as well as incorporates Brad's feelings enriches the sex scenes and increases the sexual heat. This m/m romance is recommended to kinky readers who want a fun and smexy read.
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Sounds good. I requested it from NetGalley. I have some others of Riptide's I need to review.
I love Riptide books. Sooo gooood!
I'm still waiting to hear back from them, but they usually take a little bit. I only just discovered Riptide. Liking them so far. :)
They are the "edgy" folks. hehehe Cuz their writers are either in the lifestyle or just plain depraved. Hehehehe
Well, no wonder the stories are so good. :)

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