Review: Grabbed by Vicious

Grabbed by Vicious
Grabbed by Vicious by Lolita Lopez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Capture maledom themes with a science fiction mix are sublime. Grabbed by Vicious is a wonderful surprise read. Based on the book blurb, it appears to be a very simplistic story about helpless females hunted by alpha space warriors. Perhaps a little BDSM kink is added to spice it up. This book completely exceeds expectation in both character development and storyline. It is a delightful read which will keep the reader's attention engaged.

Hallie is one of the women forced into the lottery. This lottery is for the Harcos "sky warriors", fighters protecting Hallie's colony, to find a bride. The women are released into the woods. If they make it to the "safe zone" they will be able to earn their freedom and leave the technological backward colony. For women who are caught by the sky warriors, they are dragged off and collared. These men marry their captured bride through a few pieces of paperwork and whisk the female off for a thirty day marriage adjustment period. While the other women in the lottery are excited and consider the lottery a way to leave the planet, Hallie is determined to earn her freedom. Unfortunately for her, she catches the eye of Vicious, a feared Colonel from the warship Valiant.

Ms. Lopez catches the reader's attention from the first page. It dives right into the chase scene where the reader roots for Hallie. The hunt and capture of Hallie starts the arousal which kicks into high gear when Vicious sexually dominates Hallie. Both characters are well designed with personalities and traits a reader can appreciate. Hallie and Vicious are easily likeable. Hallie is an odd blend. She is capable and independent, yet she easily supports her new husband's career as well as desires to keep house. It's refreshing to see a female character who doesn't have a feministic chip on her shoulder when submitting to a man. It's also cute how Hallie is embarrassed and shy about her sexual submission. This is due to her sheltered upbringing.

Vicious is an alpha male who learns marriage is more than just finding a woman and collaring her. He learns about his wife's past, her culture and how to work together as a partner. The way Ms. Lopez shows how both have to adjust to life together is so good. From sharing about each other's past to working through cultural differences, Vicious and Hallie grow closer and begin to trust. Ms. Lopez could have thrown in some easy conflicts of hurt female feelings, petty jealousies or even contrived miscommunications. Instead, she focuses on plausible new relationship hiccups as well as life in wartime. This helps the story flow smoothly with detailed richness.

The BDSM in this story is pretty hot. Not only is there D/s and BD, there is also a bit of pet play. The first BDSM party Hallie is exposed to, she needs to dress up as a kitty and behave like one. It's erotic and the scenes she watches - very arousing. There is also a punishment scene where it's arguable if it is really a punishment or more a device to absolve guilt. Either way, it fit into the storyline perfectly. What is particularly enjoyable is the lack of power struggle between the two. Hallie is no wimp and she doesn't need to prove to anyone she isn't. She's secure in herself so when she graciously yields to Vicious' mastery, it is a pleasure to read.

This kinky sci-fi story is highly recommended to readers who enjoy D/s capture tales.

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It's captured my interest!
I ended up reading it one night.
As usual, it'll be awhile before I can get to it. *sigh*

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