Review: Kill Fee

Kill Fee
Kill Fee by Mychael Black

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

When two former lovers reunite, more than just sparks fly. Especially if the one who was left behind is paid to kill the one who left. In this second installment, Joren is the former leader of the Syndicate and he's on the run. With his brother, Ash, they are working to unravel why the coup occurred and more importantly, who is behind it. They stop at a planet where Ash's lover Carter searches for former military personnel to help their cause. They run across Morgan Reid.

Morgan spent the past 12 years waiting for Joren to make the first move. It never happened. When circumstances force them together, it's time they finally hashed it out.

This story is fast, furious and smexy. The heat between Joren and Morgan is tasty. They are two alpha males fighting for dominance. This is one of the best kind of erotic fun. While their relationship is called into question and they figure out what it is they want from each other, more information about the rebels is revealed.

Ms. Black does a good job of keeping the sexual tension hot. She also shows more about the world she's built, while withholding some vital pieces of information that makes the reader lust for more. This story is not left on a cliffhanger, but it does raise more questions which hopefully will be answered in the next installment.

This m/m romance is recommended for sci-fi opera readers who enjoy two alpha males thumping their chests and other parts.

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