Review: Love You So Hard

The M/M Romance group on Goodreads hosts another year of quality free short stories.  There is no other group on Goodreads which coordinates this as well for their members.  It's an amazing group.  One of the first stories offered is by the talented Ms. Lain. 

Love You So Hard
Love You So Hard by Tara Lain

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great short story. It's so sweet and a real uplifting piece. I'm not a fan of whiny low self-esteem main characters. While Craig does have low self-esteem, he wasn't whiny. He was lost in a haze of grey fog. He was cruising through life in the slow lane, letting things pass him by. With a shift kick in his ass by a a credit stealing co-worker, Craig comes to what I call, a little mid-life crisis. This is wonderful because he's hit rock bottom and now he can only go up from there. He decides to make a few changes with the help and encouragement of Jesse.

Ms. Lain does an excellent job writing a beautiful tightly woven story. The plot is straight forward and easily relate-able. The characters are charming and their romance is quite sweet. Maybe Ms. Lain could be convinced to write a full story about Jesse and Craig! This touching tale is highly recommended to m/m romance lovers who root for the underdog.

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