Review: Opalite D.A.R.E

Opalite D.A.R.E
Opalite D.A.R.E by Tianna Xander

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

A slight change in the formula for book 4 in the D.A.R.E. Project series is a welcome surprise. In this one, Opalite isn't being wooed by the hunting dragon males. Instead, she comes across an imprisoned male who is being tortured. The humans Opalite is retrieving are caught in the crossfire.

It's a pleasure to see a shift in the plot. Instead of a happy meeting with boy chase girl, this one involves a bit more intrigue. It also furthers the world building, hopefully bringing us closer to the end game. The reader is also treated to more insight as to why the dragon swan mother allowed herself to be captured and her daughters separated from her people. It seems politics permeate all civilizations.

While there is a bit of a change to this installment, the end result is still as satisfyingly happy. Another succulent addition to this lovely dragon shifter series. Looking forward to the next one! Recommended for dragon lovers who like a kick ass heroine.

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