Review: Overture: Life of the Party

Overture: Life of the Party
Overture: Life of the Party by S.L. Armstrong

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Hedonist haven, thy location is Dorian's mansion!

Gabriel Lawrence is without money or a job. At this point, he needs a break from the supernatural hunting gig. He gives in to his desire, accepts Dorian's open invitation and shows up at Dorian's home. The place is extravagant and filled with luxuries Gabe can only dream about tasting, feeling and experiencing.

While Gabe is enjoying this decadent lifestyle, his twin, Michael is insistent Dorian is trouble. Michael believes Dorian is hatching some nefarious plan with Gabe as the centerpiece. This tension between the brothers doesn't look good for their partnership. Without their bond, their lives could be at risk.

The sex in this story is hot. When S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet come together, their m/m sex scenes can cause a reader to spontaneously combust. The orgy complete with catty ex-lovers and twink temptations is a debauchery not to be missed. This second installment in this serial story reveals more about both Gabe and Dorian. Still, there are unanswered questions which I hope to be forthcoming in the next installment. This teaser tale is recommended for m/m readers who enjoy supernatural erotica.

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