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Room at the Edge
Room at the Edge by Jane Davitt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Delicious triad Liam, Jay and Austin return after their happily ever after. What happens after a first book ends beautifully in a happily ever after? Real life is what happens. This second installment is painful to witness because it is all too plausible. The realities of a triad between two young gay men and an older previously heterosexual male contain many obstacles. These obstacles come in the packages of family and judgmental outsiders.

Ms. Davitt and Ms. Snow do an excellent job of showing how a complete triangle ménage runs into issues with the real world. Add a mix of BDSM and the misconceptions multiply. Now that Jay and Austin find their perfect Dom, they want a deeper connection. Since Jay and Austin have different needs from a Dom, it is not easy for Liam. Liam is also unsure of where he stands in the relationship. He doesn't want to interfere and break up the loving couple. He's still up to the challenge and what a hawt challenge he takes on!

This tale is heartbreaking for me. It's heartbreaking because the three lovers have to hide their love for each other. In addition, there are misunderstandings which are blown out of proportion which makes me hurt for these three. The ramifications of Liam being ousted as a gay male in a kinky ménage could destroy his career. This is all too easy to believe and it makes me furious. While I'm not in an alternative relationship, my interest in the BDSM lifestyle and fringe participation can also cost me my job. Societal obsession with people's private sex life is befuddling to me. What business is it since it doesn't impact a professional work space? Ms. Davitt and Ms. Snow demonstrate just how problematic it can be if these three are in a known BDSM ménage.

While trying to keep their relationship a secret, things are falling apart. Each one of the men wants something from the other two but his needs aren't met. When they hide information from one another, it leads to hurtful confrontations and responses I don't fully understand. For example, Jay needs the SM part of BDSM. He longs for fire play. Who doesn't?

When Jay brings it up to Liam and is left hanging without an answer, Jay takes the matter in his own hands. He and Austin experiment. The scene is actually quite mild and I'm not seeing how it could be so bad. Liam blows up, and both Jay and Austin are punished. This really confused me. It could be because I don't consider fireplay dangerous. Yes, conceptually I know it can be deadly, however my experiences with it have been so good, I find it hard to understand people's alarmist attitude. Everything contains risks; just driving down the street can be risky.

At the heart of this story, it's about change and pushing boundaries. As people grow together, change is a necessity. In a D/s and/or SM relationship, the need to push boundaries is natural. The response to these two situations is telling off a person.

Ms. Davitt and Ms. Snow showcase the ups and downs. It isn't pretty and it pulls on all our heartstrings. Relationships take work and sometimes it takes several steps back. This book is a 3.5 stars for me because I loved the reality of it yet Liam disappointed me. Of course everyone is human so Liam's actions and responses are spot on for him. Still, I'm miffed at him.

This m/m ménage romance is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a bit more intense D/s and SM.

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