Review: Sapphire D.A.R.E

Sapphire D.A.R.E
Sapphire D.A.R.E by Tianna Xander

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Finally Galen meets his mate! Galen is the sweet Don Juan healer of the dragon world. Those who find him an easy prey because he heals instead of fights is in for a rude awakening. Sapphire is the last in this set of missing dragon swans. She actively sees her male because it is a life or death situation. Poisoned, Sapphire is close to death when she finds her way to Galen.

Another change up in the plot of this series is a delight. While the underlying theme of boy and girl find their soul mate still remains, the circumstances of how it comes to fruition is different. I like when it's changed up in this manner. Sapphire also seems to be the more stubborn and violent of the five sisters. All of these sisters can be bloodthirsty, yet Sapphire puts them to shame.

In this story, Ms. Xander and Ms. Grace up the ante by showcasing a closer partnership between the dragon mates. Galena and Sapphire complement each other so well. My favourite scene is when Sapphire kicks ass and puts arrogant males into their place. In reminds me of a line in one of my favourite series, Buffy.

            "Nobody messes with my boyfriend."
                              ~ Buffy in reference to Angel when other vampires attacked him.

This last set in the jewel dragon swans is a fitting end and recommended for romance readers who enjoy a strong female protecting her own.

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