Review: Silent Running

Silent Running
Silent Running by Mychael Black

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is there no end to betrayal? In the third book in this fast paced series, the reader is treated to an unexpected delight - a menage. This series started with m/m lovers and now added an extra element with a female enjoying the pleasure of double penetration. Jordan is the curvaceous pilot for the spaceship Coriolis. She finally decides to make a move on Second-In-Command, Eric Kane only to have her past show up.

Kyle Cortez is the man Jordan fell for back when she was in school. Years apart, just as she lets him go, he returns. The timing is just right as the three mix it up with some smexy positions. This story seemed to be more focused on the sex rather than the plot.

Ms. Black sparingly doles out details about the world and why this crew is hunted. Since it is a short story, it is understandable why the reader is told instead of shown why the Revenant are chasing after Ash. If more can be revealed about the Revenant other than they are pirates, it would enhance this story. Plus, learning about what was done to the kids would also add some horror to the situation and pull the reader into rooting for the Coriolis affiliated rebels. This smexy space faring tale is recommended for menage readers who enjoy a perfect triangle.

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