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Taking Over Me
Taking Over Me by Sara Brookes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Geeky IT girl meets up with a hot tattooed hunk is something every geeky girl fantasies about. In TAKING OVER ME, Allison is the stereotypical awkward techie girl who is just one of the guys. She knows her software and hardware. Her weakness is the same as any computer person - coffee, liquid gold. On her stop at the coffee shop, she meets Patrick. Patrick is one of two brothers who just bought the coffee shop. As a Good Samaritan, Allison helps Patrick with the coffee shop during a rush of customers.

Some Doms can sense when a person around them is a submissive. For Patrick, this is the case. He detects the hint of submission in Allison and brings it out in her. He's a Dom focusing on the D/s and some BD, but never the SM. The way Patrick brings Allison into the kinky side is so sweet. It's also intensely involving sex. His fun with orgasm control is a delicious fetish.

Ms. Brookes creates good characters. For those who are geeky, it's easy to relate to Allison. She's cute in her cluelessness about her appealing personality and physical attributes. Patrick is a patient Dom who gently brings out Allison's confidence. His protective trait as well as his gentlemanly manner can make many a woman swoon. Ms. Brookes spends a lot of time showing how each of the characters think. It's nice to see a Dom worried and not all knowing. It's also an accurate portrayal of a new to BDSM having a lot of questions.

While it was good to understand each character's perspective, it would have been nice to have more action. What would have made this story better is if it showed more interaction rather than talking about it. Sometimes, even the sex was more talking about it then actually experiencing it. This dials the heat down a bit in the story. Still, this is a sweet story and enjoyable. It's perfect for kinky readers who are just starting to read erotic BDSM. This tale is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book.

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