Review: Too Stupid to Live

Too Stupid to Live
Too Stupid to Live by Anne Tenino

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A tall awkward college boy who loves romances falls for a hunky Highlander look alike. Sam is a sweet man studying literature. True love literally tackles him on a rugby field. Ian is the gorgeous manly stud who accidently takes him down when Sam takes a shortcut to get home.

With a title "Too Stupid to Live", my expectations of were rather low. Main characters who make stupid choices annoy me. What is funny about this story is Ms. Tenino intentionally plays on this type of character. Sam is an amusing character who sees his life as a romance novel. He paints Ian as a laird who will whisk him away.

This tongue in cheek poking fun of tired romantic tropes made this story both appealing and fresh. Ms. Tenino is witty as she presents her characters as both humours and tortured. Sam is adorable with his insecurities and romantic ideals. Ian is an interesting character. A near death experience opens his eyes and helps him make important life changing decisions. One of them is to no longer deny his sexuality. Unfortunately, a life of living under other people's expectations makes him emotionally stunted and social inept. Fortunately, Ian's body language is highly skilled as he convinces Sam to take a chance on him.

Ms. Tenino throws in a little bit of kinky sex. This is delicious SugarKink with two guys enjoying a little D/s and bondage. This unexpected element is a delicious addition. The roleplaying with the Highland Laird and his warrior prize is definitely a scene not to be missed. I love it! What is best about this story is Ms. Tenino's writing voice. It's fun, witty and perky. She's an author I'm keeping my eye on. I look forward to all her stories. This m/m romance is recommended to kinky readers who want laughter, sorrow and above all - true love.

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